Flex Builder 3 General Tips and Productivity Enhancers

Show all shortcut keys:
Cmd-shift-L (Ctrl-shift-L on Windows)

Hide SVN files in the Flex Navigator view:
Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the Flex Navigator view and select “Filters”. Click the last check box “.*”. Click OK.

No need to type “mx:”
Just start typing the tag name you are looking for and then select from the code hinting list, the “mx” prefix will be added for you.

Change case
Cmd-shift-x (Ctrl-shift-x on Windows) to change to upper case, Cmd-shift-y to change to lower case.

Find matching brace
Cmd-shift-P (Ctrl-shift-P on Windows) to find the matching ActionScript brace.

Go to an object’s definition
Click on a variable, hold down the Cmd key (Ctrl key on Windows, maybe) and click when the underline appears.

Pop up the AsDoc entry
Select an mx tag, hit shift-F2