HDMI to DVI not working with Raspberry Pi

Looking to re-use an old Samsung SyncMaster 930B monitor and save some money by avoiding the purchase of an HDMI monitor, I bought a cheap HDMI to DVI cable.  I thought I could re-use the old monitor for development on the Raspberry Pi and avoid dumping the dinosaur at an electronics recycle place.

So the cable arrived and I plugged it in, powered up the pi and… …nothing.  It flashed from “digital” to “analog” and back a few times and then more of nothing.  Messed with the monitor settings, nothing.

So I wondered if there might be a config setting on the pi that might help me.  I started reading up on config.txt (I’m running RASPBIAN (Debian Wheezy)). And sure enough, the solution was to uncomment this line in /boot/config.txt and restart the pi:


This line forces the pi to use the HDMI port even if it doesn’t detect a connected display.  Works every time now.