iPad AirPlay Mirroring not working with Apple TV / Apple TV won’t update

If you bought a new Apple TV and AirPlay Mirroring is not working, here’s how I fixed mine:

  1. On the Apple TV, go to settings, general, about and check the software version.  If it’s 2.3, this is your problem.  There is a bug in this version that causes some Apple TV’s to not update to 2.4.  So you can select Update Software all day on the Apple TV and it’s not going to work.
  2. Disconnect the HDMI and power from the Apple TV.
  3. Connect the Apple TV to your iMac or your Mac laptop using a mini USB cable. It will show up in iTunes.
  4. Click the reset “Restore” button (updated after an astute reader corrected me) in iTunes for the Apple TV.  It will reset it to factory settings and install the latest Apple TV firmware.
  5. When the update is finished, iTunes will tell you to disconnect it from your Mac and connect back to your TV. Do that.
  6. Once the Apple TV finishes booting, go back to step 1 above and check the software version.   It should be updated now and mirroring should work.