MinimalComps LineChart Example

I’m working on a project that requires real-time charting. The Flex charting components are just way too CPU intensive for this project. So I needed a pure ActionScript 3 solution. I had heard of Minimal Comps by Bit-101 but had never checked it out before. This is a very cool and efficient set of pure AS3 classes.

So far, I’m moving in the direction of extending the LineChart class and adding a LineSeries class so I can chart more than one series on the same chart, but I had a hard time finding any LineChart samples online so I’ll post this one I wrote to get familiar with the LineChart class in MinimalComps.

Right click anywhere in the sample to view source.  The sample charts a series of numbers from 0 to 100 once per second.  This type of chart would be useful for charting stock prices, bandwidth, or buffer length, for example.