OSMF – Loading plug-ins locally with the file:/// protocol

Some of you may already know you can load an OSMF plug-in locally using the file protocol like this:

For Mac:


For Win:


This is very handy when developing a player because you don’t need to copy your player to localhost or a Web server to run and test.

However, I just discovered this oddity:
The plug-in will fail to load if the plug-in is a release build and the player is a debug build.

The failure happens down in the OSMF 1.5 core class DynamicPluginLoader in the onSWFLoaderStateChange method on this line:

var pluginInfo:PluginInfo = root[PLUGININFO_PROPERTY_NAME] as PluginInfo;

Flash Builder clearly shows the pluginInfo property on the root variable but the pluginInfo local variable is null after the above line executes.

This is not an OSMF bug, just something that you need to be aware of. I wasted about 30 minutes on this.