OSMF – Sprint 10 release now available for download

If you’ve been waiting for OSMF (Open Source Media Framework) to settle down, now is the time to dive in. This sprint was largely about locking down the API, but we added a few features as well:

  • DVR Support. OSMF now supports DVR via Flash Media Server’s server-side DVRCast application. This feature allows clients to jump back in time while viewing a live stream.
  • Syndication support (Atom 1.0, RSS 2.0, plus iTunes and Media RSS extensions).  You’ll see a new AS3 library in OSMF that can parse all of the major feed formats, plus the media-centric RSS extensions.  I’ve also updated the Akamai Plugin Sample app to load and parse an RSS feed and display a playlist.  If you load the MAST plugin before loading the RSS feed, you get a pre-roll ad before each video in the playlist. Note there is a bug with the MAST plugin and the SMIL plugin working together, I’m hoping to address this ASAP.
  • Extended HTTP Streaming Support. OSMF now supports subclips for HTTP-streamed content, and DRM for HTTP-streamed content.

See the OSMF blog post here for more details on these features:


As usual, if you have questions, you can post them to the OSMF forums: